Today’s character was inspired by the suggestion given by Caspar, a lovely friend I have had the joy of working with in University Theatre productions.

Caspar’s suggestion words: “cuddly” and “creative”.

“Ah, good day there youngster! I’m William Willikers. You can call me Old Bill if you like – all me good mates do!

I’ve been out back in me shed a bit lately – you’ve probably noticed, observant fellow that you are. I’ve been working on a special project for the little tackers across the way. Holidays coming soon, they could do with a little joy in life, eh? I figure since I’ve got none of me own, I might as well make all the little tackers in town a little something. Dry and dusty place like this, they could use a bit of colour around, don’t ya think?

“I was thinking about that old paddock at the end of Johnsons Lane. Needs a little more clearing, but me and me old mates can handle that lickety split. I’m thinking billy cart races, matey! Five to a race, all different colours, with shining horns, and flags to wave. It’s gonna be a beaut! Those little tackers won’t know what hit ‘em!

Thanks for the suggestion words, Caspar! This generous old Aussie bloke was a fun voice to put in my head!

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