Today I take my character inspiration from another chorister, Alissa. The provided words were “Butterfly” and “sings”. I

“Greetings! I am the magnificent Margaret Maria Monteo! I’m sure you’ve noticed my shawl, dear. How could you not? It is so beautiful! Just like me. Oh! He he! No, seriously dear, it was given to me by the maestro to celebrate the end of my operatic run throughout Europe. So colourful! So pretty! … The shawl, dear, not the continent. It reminds me of a Spring garden in bloom.

“Oh, I do so love the Spring, dear. The turning from drear and gray to the colourful explosion that heralds in the warmth of Summer.

“Ah, warmth! You don’t know what warm is until you’ve curled up with someone by an open fire in the middle of a Russian Winter. Of course, that does have more to do with the person you choose than the fire. Wink wink, nudge nudge, hey dear?

“Do you know, I’m considering returning to the stage, sweetie? Of course you do! Everyone wants to see my return, of course!

“Can’t you just see it now? Me, triumphantly strutting onto the Opera House stage, the crowd roaring their admiration, rising to their feet in respect and awe. Then all falls silent. The conductor raises his baton, I open my mouth and… Ah! The wonder it would be!

I do hope you have enjoyed meeting Margaret!

Thanks for the inspiration words, Alissa!

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