Today’s character is based on prompt words supplied by an old choir friend, Celia. She gave me the wonderful gems “subterranean” and “hungry”

Heh. Yeh, I’m Spry Foxx. I lives down yonder, in the dark parts of town. I makes me living scavenging through the discards of the upitty’s. What they throws away would amaze yeh. Perfectly good stuffs. I furnished me home with their discards. I eat what them as wouldn’t touch. Sometimes I finds something and fixes it up some, then I can sell it to some uppity who thinks it’s sommat more than it was. Fools, all of them! Could have had it for nought if they was clever like me.

The small ones laughs at me. Heh. Say I’m old and slow, thinks I’m stupid. The small ones mock me, pretend to hunch and shuffle about, then points at me and laughs. I don’t let them bother me none, though. They “lose” things all the time, don’t they? Never think old Spry might haves things. They will grow as stupid as the big uppity’s. Old Spry Foxx is cleverer than them and always will be.

Thanks for the inspiration, Celia! I found Spry a fun one to imagine. I think he’s an interesting little fringe-dweller, and I hope you do, too.

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