I recently asked my friends and family on Facebook to supply me with two words that I can use to inspire my writing. The first to reply was my good friend Ani. Here is what her suggestion inspired:

Suggestion words Koala and Choir. (I chose to pick a single facet of Koala, Climber.)

”Hi there, I’m Susy Jamison Tyne. I love people and going new places. I sing a lot. I do love to sing with others, but I also love getting to the top of a mountain hike and just letting it all go, singing out over the foothills and valleys below. It is an exhilarating experience!

“Speaking of exhilarating experiences, just last week I helped my soccer team win their final against the Roosters. We Tigers are officially the best again this year. I do love the competitive part of playing, but after the game I love heading out to dinner with the team. I’m even happy to mix it with the opposition once the game is done. On the field, though, it’s all or nothing. I play in defence, naturally, and love seeing the fear in opponents eyes as I charge towards them to claim the ball. I never show fear – fear is what gets you hurt. Fear is for the enemy. I mean, they are definitely my enemy on the field.

“I‘m still a student, studying exercise physiology. I really appreciate learning the variety of ways the body works and how to make it more efficient. Class is fine, but I really excel at assignments. Like on the sports field, I won’t show weakness. I aim high and always succeed in my assessment tasks. Outside of class I participate in as many extracurriculars as I can. Performing Arts, Sports clubs, Dance Sessions, I’m there. I actually work part time for the sports coordinators at uni, coordinating practice and trial sessions, chatting about Sport at exhibition days, even umpiring. I love the challenge and can’t wait to finish studying and take all this skill and experience out into the wider world. I am going to be the best I can be, and I will never just accept defeat!

“I hope everyone has a super amazing day! Be the best you there is and enjoy your challenges. You are amazing. We are all amazing.“

Thanks for the inspiration, Ani! (You can find Ani and her own creative endeavours on Twitter @nystimus)